Photo of James Roe driving his race car

VIENNA, VA, JUNE 10, 2021 – Allergy & Asthma Network, the leading national nonprofit patient education and advocacy organization, today announced it is extending its partnership with Irish race car driver James Roe, Jr.

Roe, who represents Turn 3 Motorsport in the Indy Pro 2000 Championship series running alongside the NTT Indy Car series, serves as Brand Ambassador for Allergy & Asthma Network. He has placed Allergy & Asthma Network’s logo on his race car to help give asthma greater visibility and educate people about the chronic disease.

Photo headshot of race car driver James RoeRoe has lived with asthma since he was 5 years old and living in Ireland. Now in the United States, he wants to raise awareness of the disease, which affects 339 million people worldwide and more than 25 million Americans.

“I’m honored to serve as Brand Ambassador for Allergy & Asthma Network, and this is only the first step,” Roe says. “Having lost a family member to asthma many years ago and living with Type 2 asthma most of my life, I want to bring awareness to asthma sufferers through my motorsports efforts.

“Too many people believe they can’t do certain things because of their asthma. Then they meet me, and they think, ‘He has asthma too, so why can’t I follow my dreams? My goal is to create a nationwide asthma awareness and educational campaign promoted around my motorsport career and linked to our national tour. If I can change people’s outlook on asthma, it would be a great success.”

“We are thrilled to work with James and help send the message that people with asthma can pursue and achieve their dreams,” says Tonya Winders, President and CEO of Allergy & Asthma Network. “James’s experience growing up with asthma is a great example of how avoiding triggers and taking the right medication at the right time can help you live a full, active life with asthma.”

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