Travel is one of the most popular categories for mobile apps, in part because they provide access to information quickly and easily while you’re on the go. Travel apps can also help you navigate and access services in an unfamiliar environment. This makes them ideal for people who are traveling with asthma or allergies.

Many of the following app categories are not specifically designed with asthma and allergies in mind, but they can be very helpful if you know which ones to look for and how to use them.

Hotel booking: Apps for searching and reserving hotel rooms have been around for a long time. Many now include allergy-friendly search criteria so you can locate hotels that prohibit pets and smoking and even those that provide hypoallergenic bedding.

You might choose a hotel app that features a lot of pictures to help you identify allergy-friendly features that may not be listed, such as hard flooring, dust-resistant window coverings or air purifiers. Apps that allow you to communicate directly with the hotel are most helpful because you can notify the staff about your allergy and asthma needs.

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Maps: Designers are creating alternative maps that help you find local restaurants, events and other services based on your specific needs and interests. Search “travel maps” to find apps you can use to locate pharmacies, hospitals and other essential services.

Allergen trackers: These popular apps provide real-time data on pollen and mold counts so you can plan your day and minimize exposure. Some also feature forecasts that will predict allergen levels at your destination before you arrive.

Packing: Type “packing” in your app store and you’ll see several apps to help you make lists and categories for all the items you need to pack for your next vacation or business trip. Creating a comprehensive checklist that includes your medications, hypoallergenic travel pillow, extra batteries for your nebulizer and other essentials will help ensure these items don’t get left at home.

Journaling: Some of the newest apps are designed to document your travels using maps, photos and notes. These apps can also be a useful tool for tracking and recording your health and symptoms as you explore unfamiliar territory. You can browse a variety of these apps under the search term “travel journal” to find one that suits your needs.

Alternative accommodations: “Vacation rentals” is another popular search category for services that connect you with people looking to rent a room, apartment or house to visitors. If you can find a host who is sensitive to your asthma and allergy needs, you may be able to enjoy accommodations that are healthier and more comfortable than a conventional hotel room.