Frenika and her son

Severe asthma patient Frenika R., pictured with her son who also has asthma.

Few things make us happier than sharing how our free Not One More Life telehealth asthma coaching program is saving lives. With your support, we can go into more local communities to do even more lung screenings in 2023. We can enroll more people in our asthma coaching program.

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Allergy & Asthma Network has screened thousands of people for asthma in local communities across the country. We’ve identified people at high risk for severe asthma and invited them to enroll in our free six-week telehealth asthma coaching program.

People enrolled in our Not One More Life asthma coaching program report greater knowledge in managing their asthma, fewer asthma attacks and more confidence in asking questions at appointments. Asthma coaching saves lives.

You can help save more lives in 2023 by making an end-of-year gift to support this vital work for those that need it most.

Frenika, Sonya and Clare share how asthma coaching has helped them to better manage their asthma.

Frenika R.

Severe asthma patient and mother of a child with asthma

Asthma has been a big part of my story for the last few years. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was pregnant with my son. Then my son started having breathing challenges when he was about 2 years of age. That started our journey in realizing that he had asthma, too.

It was last year that I was having a hard time managing my asthma. I did not realize how bad I was feeling because I had gotten used to wheezing and then taking my quick-relief inhaler. That’s when I found the asthma coaching program through Allergy & Asthma Network.

I started meeting online with an asthma coach – Leandra Tonweber. She changed my life. She really helped me think about my asthma treatment. She was knowledgeable and nonjudgmental. She would say, ‘You didn’t take your inhaler? That’s all right, let’s get back on track. Let’s look at some apps that will help remind you to take your inhaler.’ I felt like I had an advocate in Leandra.

Asthma coaching gave me tools and strategies to help me manage my health. It also enabled me to manage my son’s asthma treatment a lot better. I was educated about what signs I need to look for to identify an asthma attack. I felt better prepared to ask the right questions when I go to the pulmonologist. Asthma coaching really empowered me to take more control of my health.

Sonya and her family

Severe asthma patient, pictured second from right with her family.

Sonya A.

Severe asthma patient

My asthma gets progressively worse every fall and last year was the worst year. I was really going down a bad path with my asthma. I was dealing with symptoms as they would occur. I would let myself wheeze, not understanding how dangerous that was. I was just letting it happen to me. I didn’t know I could be better.

So asthma coaching came along at the right time. I learned how to become an active participant in my asthma journey. Leandra Tonweber gave me the knowledge and confidence to manage my asthma successfully. She told me to try using a spacer with my inhaler – and I love my spacer!

I truly believe asthma coaching saved my life. I might not have survived this past winter without the tools Leandra gave me. She gave me advice on what to discuss with my pulmonologist. Now I’m on biologic medication. My life is completely different. I’m able to do things I have not been able to do for years. I was able to go visit my daughter in Colorado for three weeks.

I also believe asthma coaching could be valuable for people in the Hispanic and Latino community. I know that Hispanics can be private about their health but if the coach is bilingual, that may encourage them to open up. Last September my cousin found out she had asthma, and my advice to her was, ‘Look, take care of it now. Don’t let it get worse. Take it seriously.’ You need to have the knowledge to know what you’re facing and how to fight it.’

Clare C.

Asthma patient and registered nurse

Asthma coaching completely changed how I use my quick-relief inhaler. I used to avoid it until I desperately needed it. Now I understand it as a medication that can help me avoid needing rescue.

This one little change really has made a huge difference in my asthma management. I feel much more comfortable using my quick-relief inhaler now. I was not at all using it effectively before the program.

Asthma coaching can save lives and improve your quality of life. I enthusiastically recommend this program.

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