Our Research Work


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We conduct our own research on issues related to asthma, allergies, eczema and related conditions. Our research aims to find answers to questions that are most important to patients and caregivers.

Our work is also used to inform policy development and patient engagement in research.

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The North Star of our research is to make study results meaningful and relevant to the full asthma and allergy community. We undertake focused projects that include the perspectives of underserved populations.

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Our current and past research work

The following programs are some of our work.

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Corticosteroid exposure and cumulative effects in patients with eczema

Many people living with eczema use topical corticosteroids to help manage their symptoms. Prolonged topical corticosteroid use throughout a person’s lifetime can increase their risk of negative outcomes. This global patient survey was funded by Allergy & Asthma Network and the International Topical Steroid Awareness Network (ITSAN) with grants from Dermira/Lilly and Sanofi/Regeneron.

The survey evaluated corticosteroid exposure and its impact on people living with eczema. Among other conclusions, it was found that prolonged corticosteroid exposure throughout a person’s lifetime placed them at risk of negative outcomes.

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Not One More Life Trusted Messengers Virtual Asthma Coaching Program

Trusted Messengers uses innovative health technology to achieve health equity through its Virtual Asthma Coaching Program. The coaching program has demonstrated improvements in asthma control and quality of life that is sustained at 7-month and 13-month follow-ups. 

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Unidos Hablemos de… Asthma & COVID-19 Conference

We hosted a six-session virtual conference series funded by a Eugene Washington Engagement Award by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The series was designed to:

1) inform emerging research needs as it relates to Hispanic and Latino patients with asthma and COVID-19; and

2) use results to better educate Hispanic and Latino patients with asthma to become participants in all aspects of patient-centered outcomes research.

➤ Unidos Hablemos Conference in English

➤ Unidos Hablemos Conference in Spanish

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Black People Like Me

We hosted a six-session Black People Like me virtual conference series funded by a Eugene Washington Engagement Award by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

The series was designed to:

1) inform emerging research needs as it relates to African American patients with asthma; and

2) use results to better educate African American patients with asthma to become participants in all aspects of patient-centered outcomes research.

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Impact of social determinants on the burden of asthma and eczema: results from a US patient survey

Asthma and eczema can impact your ability to take part in your work, school, play or worship activities. But little is known about how well patients understand these conditions and medical care. We decided to gain a better understanding of these unknowns.

In 2021, Allergy & Asthma Network worked with a group of allergists to conduct a survey study to uncover what people living with asthma and/or eczema think about their medical care. The study found that health literacy was oftentimes a barrier to asthma and eczema care among Black and Hispanic/Latino communities.

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Open Asthma

The Observations of Patient Experience in the Nation (OPEN) Asthma Survey was conducted and sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The study explored current attitudes of healthcare providers and patients about asthma control.

The goal of the study was to identify areas for improvement. The survey included people living with asthma who were treated with daily prescription medicine, as well as healthcare providers who treat patients with asthma.

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Asthma Registry

The Asthma Patient-Powered Research Network Registry (formerly known as Asthma360) was an initiative to compile a population-based database of people living with asthma in the United States. It was run from 2020-2023.

Surveys were done each year to learn about people’s asthma. The surveys asked about things like:

  • their asthma symptoms
  • when they were diagnosed with asthma
  • their medical history
  • how asthma affects their daily life
  • personal details like their age and gender

The surveys were collected over time to creat the Asthma Registry. The registry is now closed and the information is being studied.

An early version of the data analysis report is available. The full report will come out later. This early report looks at the information collected in the registry.

Other Research Projects

PCORI: Dissemination of the Evidence Updates for the ASIST asthma research study


Allergy & Asthma Network was invited by the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI) to disseminate research findings of the study, Comparing Two Ways to Manage Asthma in African-American Children — The ASIST Study. This PCORI-funded research compared how well two approaches to managing mild persistent asthma—symptom-based and clinician-based use of a control inhaler—work for children and teens. We will work with the study’s lead author to disseminate the findings published in the Evidence Update for this study. The new PCORI Evidence Update helps inform families and clinicians about choosing the best option for managing mild persistent asthma in children and teens. These communications will be tailored for health care professionals as well as patients and caregivers.


Implementation of the US Precision AIRQ™, the Asthma Checklist, and Educational Resources (Precision Program) into Clinical Practice Using Telehealth and In-Person Platforms


The main goal for this study is to determine if asking asthma screening questions at the beginning of visit will improve the patients’ visit. It will assess asthma patients’ experiences when healthcare providers use the PRECISION program. The last aim is to analyze if there is change in AIRQ™ scores from the initial visit and follow-up visits. This study is a sponsorship with AstraZeneca.

PREPARE PCORI Project – Person Empowered Asthma Relief

2017 to present

Now in its third year, Allergy & Asthma Network’s research team continues efforts in recruiting 1,200 African-American and Hispanic/Latino adults, ages 18 to 75, who have asthma, use an ICS inhaler, and have had an asthma attack within the past year. As Patient Advocacy Stakeholders, we ensure that the patient voice is heard and incorporated into all aspects of the PREPARE study including study design, study implementation, analysis, interpretation and development of understandable messages for dissemination. Allergy & Asthma Network is advising the research team in study design, materials, recruitment and retention strategies.