Tips for using your Asthma Action Plan

1. If you don’t have a plan, ask your healthcare provider for an Asthma Action Plan created just for you.

2. Keep your plan in a place that’s easy to find - for you and anyone who might care for you – a family note board, your refrigerator door, a table at your bedside.

3. Keep an electronic copy on your phone or tablet - take a picture!  When your plan is with you, you can refer to it regularly, wherever you are.  You can also share this by email or text to a family member or friend so they know what to do if your asthma symptoms get worse.

4. Check it regularly so you know how to manage your asthma and stay in control.  It can help remind you to take your medications correctly and take action when your symptoms begin to get worse.

5. Take it to your medical appointments.  Ask your healthcare provider to update it when needed and review it with you.

Take control of your asthma with an Asthma Action Plan!