Unidos Hablemos Virtual Conference Series 2024

Splash screen for Unidos Hablemos virtual conference about Food allergies. Includes words and an image of an Hispanic mom with her baby.
Allergy & Asthma Network’s Unidos Hablemos virtual conference series is back!
We invite you to join us as we address ongoing disparities and barriers to care for the Hispanic/Latino community living with allergic, respiratory, and skin diseases.

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Session 2: Food Allergies and the Hispanic/Latino Culture

This is a bilingual event, available in both English and Spanish!

The Hispanic/Latino community has among the highest rates of food allergy in the United States. The community also has higher rates of severe allergic reactions, allergies to multiple foods, and food allergy-related emergency department visits.

Allergy & Asthma Network presents this Unidos Hablemos webinar to address the health disparities and barriers to care for the Hispanic community living with food allergies.

Free Virtual Conference: June 26, 2024 | 4:30 PM ET

In this virtual conference, you will:

  • Learn how to raise awareness of food allergies – and anaphylaxis treatment – in the Hispanic/Latino community.
  • Find out what types of food allergens are more common among Hispanic/Latino people.
  • Get information and advice, including how to manage food allergies at social events, such as family gatherings.
  • Hear directly from a person living with food allergies who will share experiences.
  • Learn how to advocate for yourself or a family member living with food allergies.
  • Be able to ask questions of the speakers during the event.

CE is not available for this event.


Photo of Marcela Gieminiani
Marcela Gieminiani,Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Allergy & Asthma Network; journalist with degree in social communications from the University of Santiago, Chile


Photo of Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo
Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, in Miami, Florida


Portrait of Nyshae Gibson

Nyshae Gibson, MEd, Spanish teacher and Instructional Education Specialist for 17 years, food allergy advocate, lives with shellfish and tree nut allergies and cares for children with peanut and dairy allergies.

The first 100 patients or caregivers living in the United States and Puerto Rico who register and attend the full virtual conference presentation will receive a $25 gift card.

You must live in the United States and provide a valid address and phone number to receive the gift card.

The registration information is only for Allergy & Asthma Network use and will not be shared with any outside organizations including government agencies or pharmaceutical companies.

Note: Some Zoom registration fields may not appear in Spanish. On the upper right corner of the registration page, you can change the language to fill out the form in Spanish.

If you are unable to attend, still register! We will send a link to you after the event so you can view the on-demand recording.

Special thanks to Genentech, who has provided funding support to make this virtual conference possible.

Session 1: Eczema and the Hispanic/Latino Culture


On May 1, 2024, Allergy & Asthma Network presented this Unidos Hablemos virtual conference to address the disparities and barriers to care for the Hispanic/Latino community living with eczema.

What we covered

  • How eczema may look different in skin of color
  • Why eczema may sometimes be more persistent and severe among Hispanic/Latino people
  • How to prepare for a doctor’s visit to discuss eczema
  • What questions Hispanic/Latino Americans want answered regarding their health
  • How Hispanic/Latino Americans can take charge of their health

Special thanks to Incyte, who has provided funding support to make this virtual conference possible.