Purpose of the study
This is an observational Pregnancy Registry to evaluate pregnancy outcomes in pregnant women who have taken XOLAIR before and/or during pregnancy. Participants will take part in a telephone interview each trimester, at the time of delivery, and when the baby turns 1 year old. No clinic visits are required. Mothers who continue to take XOLAIR while breastfeeding will be asked to participate in one more telephone interview when the baby is 18 months old. Eligible participants will be compensated for each telephone interview.

You do not have to be taking XOLAIR currently to enroll!

Eligible participants

  • Women who are pregnant AND

  • Who have received Xolair before or during pregnancy

Principal investigator
John M. Thorp Jr., MD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

For more information or to enroll
Call 866-4XOLAIR (496-5247), option 3

Visit www.xolairpregnancyregistry.com


comPost updated October 2011