Do you fully understand the asthma or allergy medication you or your child is taking? If you answer ‘No,’ you’re not alone.

Recent studies reveal many asthma patients and parents do not understand the medications they are prescribed, including the frequency it is to be taken. Some do not know how the medication works, even after conversations with a doctor.

Medications play a central role in any asthma or allergy treatment plan. Some medications prevent or reduce airway inflammation; others treat the allergic reaction and make it easier to breathe. An in-depth conversation with your doctor remains the best way to fully understand the medications you’re prescribed.

Allergy & Asthma Network’s patient guides – Understanding Asthma, Understanding Allergies and Understanding Anaphylaxis – can also help you learn how and why medications heal and soothe, or in the case of a severe asthma flare or allergic reaction, even save your life or your child’s life.

The guides detail how to correctly use bronchodilator inhalers for asthma, nasal sprays for environmental allergies and epinephrine auto-injectors for anaphylaxis. They also address allergen immunotherapy.

The guides are free, but shipping and handling fees may apply.