Allergy & Asthma Network participated in MediaPlanet’s “Asthma & Allergies” 2017 campaign, uniting with healthcare professionals and industry leaders to encourage patients to take steps to identify and treat their condition – and learn how to better manage their asthma and allergies to live the best and most active life possible.

The campaign was distributed in USA Today on May 12 and published online at

Tonya Winders, President and CEO of Allergy & Asthma Network, served on a panel of experts for the campaign and was asked a series of questions about managing asthma and allergies. Here’s an excerpt of one of her responses:

Q: What is the biggest misconception with allergies?

Tonya: “I think the biggest misconception is that people believe they only need to take allergy medication when they experience significant symptoms, such as runny nose, congestion or red, watery eyes. Many antihistamine and nasal corticosteroid medications work best when taken daily, beginning a week or so before their specific allergy season begins.”

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