Recruitment for this study is now closed.

If you are the primary caregiver/parent of a child aged 6 to 11 years old with mild asthma, you and your child may qualify for a research study that will pay a total of $200 for participation.

  • Eligible children with mild asthma and their caregivers will participate in a 9-day study to test and provide feedback on a new child-completed electronic pediatric asthma symptom diary and a caregiver-completed daily assessment of healthcare resources used by the child with asthma on the same device (a tablet).
    • Two telephone/virtual study visits with the research facility mentioned below are required.
    • An electronic tablet will be provided to study participants following the first study visit to complete questionnaires and then returned to the facility at the end of the study.
    • Children with asthma and their caregivers will also be required to complete a few brief questionnaires using electronic pdf files on a laptop or personal computer (pc).
    • Selected participants will be required to provide feedback on their experience with the tablet during a 30-minute telephone interview.
  • No study medications will be administered or evaluated as part of this research.