Photo of the earth from space close-upLogos from all of the sponsors of the 2021 declaration on Climate hangeAllergy & Asthma Network is joining public health organizations in delivering a Declaration on Climate Change and Health to the Biden Administration and congressional leadership.

The declaration emphasizes the harmful health impact of climate change on Americans. It also addresses the immediate and long-term health benefits of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and other preventive measures.

The Network is encouraged by recent executive actions taken by the Biden Administration to address the climate crisis. It is essential that solutions are in place to curb climate change and limit carbon pollution. This will help protect public health, particularly for people with chronic respiratory diseases.

More than 24 million people – including 6.3 million children – have asthma in the United States. Climate change and air pollution can cause asthma or worsen symptoms. Learn more about the Network’s advocacy role and its work in addressing environmental health hazards.