Sanofi Aerify Study Graphic

Have you been diagnosed with moderate to severe COPD? If so, this clinical study is looking for participants between the ages of 40-85 with moderate to severe COPD.

This study will see how safe and effective the experimental medicine, called Itepekimab, is when used to treat moderate to severe COPD.

What is the experimental medicine?

The experimental medicine, Itepekimab, is a new medicine being investigated to treat people with COPD.

The investigational medicine is given as an injection (through a needle) under the skin.

Participants in the study will be randomly assigned to receive either Itepekimab or a placebo. There is a 70% chance of receiving Itepekimab and 30% chance of receiving the placebo, and the participants who do receive itepekimab will be randomly assigned to different possible doses.

  • Investigational medicine + your controller therapies
  • Placebo + your controller therapies

You, your study doctor, and study staff will not know if you are receiving the study medicine (or at which dose) or placebo.

Study information

How long is the study?

The study will last approximately 76 weeks (18 months).

  • Screening period: 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Treatment period: up to 52 weeks.
  • Follow-up period: up to 20 weeks.

How many visits will there be?

The study will have 32 visits:

  • About 16 clinic visits lasting few hours each
  • About 16 phone calls (or clinic visits, depending on the participant)

How many people are in the study?

This study will include approximately 2170 participants across 40 countries.

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