Latex Allergy Awareness Week

October 2-8, 2022

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Five Key Questions about Latex Allergy


Is latex allergy still an issue?

Yes. Approximately 1-6% of the general U.S. population has a latex allergy.



How many products contain natural rubber latex?

There are more than 40,000 products in our environment – including many household items – that may contain latex.



What are the most common items that may cause a latex allergy reaction?

Elastic bands, latex gloves, balloons, rubber bands, vial stoppers, bandage adhesives, red rubber catheter, dental dams, condoms.



Is latex allergy related to food allergy?

30-50% of people who are allergic to natural rubber latex are hypersensitive to certain plant-derived foods, including some fresh fruits. This is called latex-fruit syndrome.



What food and plants cross-react with natural rubber latex?

Banana, avocado, kiwi, potato, tomato, bell peppers, chestnut, poinsettia plants, figs.

Advocating for latex allergy awareness since 1991 when the first report of fatal anaphylactic reaction to latex occurred. 


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