CampAsthma camps offer children the opportunity to participate in fun, summer activities — scavenger hunts, swimming, rock climbing and more – while in a medically safe environment.

Research shows that children who attend an asthma camp have better asthma control the following year, are more likely to use daily preventive medication, and are 33 percent less likely to be hospitalized.

Campers get excited about all of the activities and support with their chronic disease, learning to become more independent as they develop critical self-management skills.

A Camper’s Story — Meet Matthew!

“I love asthma camp! I attended Camp Easy Breathers in Corpus Christi, Texas for the first time in 2011. I was really nervous because my asthma symptoms kept me from doing a lot of activities. Asthma camp taught me to better control my asthma and now I’ve taken up tae kwan do. Last summer I earned my black belt! I’m excited to go back to Camp Easy Breathers this summer and do my favorite activity, the high ropes course.”

A Parent’s Story – Meet Michelle!

“My son Chris is a 13-year-old with severe asthma who went to Camp SuperKids in Minnesota last summer. I have my own health issues and we recently had to move in with my mom. Due to this extra stress in his life, Chris was experiencing a lot of anxiety that caused him to only attend school part-time. At Camp SuperKids, I was assured there were a lot of staff that would be able to help him manage his asthma, as well as his mental health. Chris came back a different kid! He laughs again, his asthma is better controlled, and he is attending school full-time again and excelling! We have already signed Chris up to attend Camp SuperKids as a junior leader, a special program for older campers.”

A Nurse’s Story – Meet Another Michelle!

“I love to see children grow and progress year to year at Asthma Camp in Delaware. Some will attend camp from ages 5-13, then return as junior counselors — giving back and helping teach the younger kids. They all make great friendships. At camp, the children learn about peak flow meters, how to recognize their asthma and allergy triggers, and how to correctly take their medication. We then ask them to go home and teach their parents and siblings. I call it a full circle of giving!”

Camps are held at more than 90 locations across the country. Around 4,000 kids attend one each year.

Registration is open for asthma camps this summer. To find one in your area, go to the Consortium on Children’s Asthma Camp website at and click on “Find a Camp.” More information about camp activities, what to pack and dates are available on each camp’s website. Most offer financial assistance – inquire with the camp coordinator for more information.