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Patient involvement in research is an important part of our mission to improve health. Through partnerships with researchers we are able to contribute to understanding living with a disease, new medication, or how to improve the quality of life living with asthma, allergy and related diseases.

Are you looking to involve patients and the public in your research?

Let us help you connect with the people wo have lived experience in the allergy, asthma, and immunology space.

To start working together and help shape research, contact us for details.

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We collaborate with researchers (academic, individual and pharmaceutical).

Digital Promotion

AAN will promote studies in the research newsletter to assist with patient or caregiver recruitment. The Find a Study page lists studies promoted for patients and caregivers to join.

Survey Research

AAN will partner with individuals, industry or academic researcher to develop and disseminate a survey and analyze its data for publication or market insights. For example, this Topical Steroid Study.

PCORI Framework

Patient and Caregiver Key Opinion Leaders for Focus Group and Individual Insights AAN utilizes the PCORI framework and will be the project manager and moderate focus groups with Key Opinion Leaders resulting in an impact report, abstract and publication or market insights.

Writing & Publication

Medical writing and publication assistance for projects we collabaorate.

Asthma Equity Database

Asthma Health Equity is a database for researchers who are looking for one dataset that pulls information from the US Census, Redline, Asthma Prevalence and more into a data map for publications or research projects or grants.

Connect with Research

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