PREPARE: Person Empowered Asthma Relief Study

5 Myths About Participating In Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new ways to prevent, detect and treat illness. Trials related to asthma and allergies may focus on new medications, devices or medical procedures. Myth: Participating in a clinical...

Study for Patients with Persistent Asthma

Purpose of the studyThe purpose of the study is to evaluate effectiveness and safety of the study medication in patients with poorly controlled asthma.EligibilityAre at least 12 years of ageIn addition to rescue inhaler like albuterol, you also use an inhaled steroid...
Photo of Cannabis products

The survey is for BOTH users and non-users of cannabis. It does not matter if you have ever used cannabis, used cannabis in the past, or currently use cannabis. The survey is confidential and anonymous.

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