Photo of the U.S. Capitol and a nurseSchool nurses are a vital part of education – even more so now with the rise of COVID-19 and the increase in chronic conditions like asthma and food allergies.

Yet the 50 million+ school-age children in the United States have less than adequate access to school nurses. Nearly 60% of schools have a higher ratio of students to available nurses. Some schools, especially those in rural areas, do not have school nurses at all.

The Nurses for Under-Resourced Schools Everywhere (NURSE) Act (H.R. 3166 / S. 1602) makes grants to eligible local education agencies to increase the number of school nurses in public elementary and secondary schools. The legislation is pending in Congress.

We need Congress to recognize the critical role of school nurses in providing students access to quality healthcare so they are safe, healthy, and ready to learn.

Join us and  contact your members in Congress! Urge them to support the NURSE Act.