VIENNA, VA (August 26, 2019) – Allergy & Asthma Network announces Latex Allergy Awareness Week is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 6 to Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. The theme this year is “Latex Allergy: Awareness, Avoidance, Action, Advocacy.”

During Latex Allergy Awareness Week, the Network distributes educational resources and helps raise awareness about the condition, which affects 1 to 6 percent of the population. The week puts a spotlight on the many issues facing people with latex allergy, with the goal of encouraging doctors and patients to stay vigilant in efforts to fully understand the condition and eliminate exposure to latex everywhere.

Latex Allergy is very complex because everyone’s experience with the condition is unique. Some people have severe reactions while others only experience mild reactions. While there is no cure for latex allergy, prevention of symptoms is possible. The three keys are awareness, avoidance and education. With better understanding of scientific evidence, patients can live a full, active life with latex allergy.

This fall, Allergy & Asthma Network will release a new publication, “Latex Allergy: A Practical Guide for Patients and Providers.” It will include sections on the symptoms of latex allergy and what you need to know to avoid exposure and manage the condition effectively.

Latex Allergy Awareness Week started in 1997 with educational seminars and poster displays for allergists, hospitals and medical professionals. Interest in latex allergy has grown through the years; many parents, children, school staff and restaurant owners want to learn about latex allergy and what they can do to provide a latex-safe environment.

For more on Latex Allergy Awareness Week, visit our Latex Allergy Toolbox.

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