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Asthma affects over 25 million Americans and 1 in 10 children live with asthma daily. COPD affects more than 5 million people in the U.S. This program focus is two-fold:

      • To educate patients about the value of guidelines-based asthma & COPD care
      • To fully implement albuterol along with epinephrine as stock emergency medications in the school setting

Following an introductory webinar, as a Community Asthma & COPD Expert, we will ask you to share guidelines-based information on asthma either within your work day or during special educational programs that you develop.

      • Asthma Education (Think virtual!)
      • Health Fairs / Webinars / Zoom meetings
      • Social Media Campaign
      • Patient Programming
      • Conference/Meeting Presentation on Asthma/ COPD/ ACO

Connect  with CACEs on Facebook!

We have a private group Facebook page we would love to utilize to cultivate plans for those that would like to bounce ideas off others.  Share what you are doing now, are going to do or have done in the past.  You will need to ask to join the group.  Only the volunteers, Sally and Leandra will be able to see the posts and group members.

Each Community Asthma & COPD Expert will submit a Volunteer Plan to outline your anticipated programs/teaching for 2021 – 2023.

opening slide for the CACE program overview.
This powerpoint can be downloaded and used in your educational offerings. We have added some talking points you can use if you would like, change it up to personalize it for yourself.

Introductory meeting video for all volunteers

Certification as an Asthma Educator

Are you professionally certified as an Asthma Educator?  Is “AE-C” in your credentials? If so – congratulations on attaining an important recognition of your professional ability to provide important education to people who suffer with asthma. If not – consider taking that next professional step. Full information on becoming a certified Asthma Education can be found at: We’re here to help –

We have provided an asthma overview module to assist in reviewing for the exam and a second module on test preparation. Yes, it’s a hard test!  But it’s worth reviewing valuable asthma information to become certified.

Allergy & Asthma Network Resource Bank:

Image of Understanding Asthma

Understanding Asthma in English

Image of Understanding Asthma in Spanish

Understanding Asthma in Spanish

Image of respiratoryy Treatments poster

Respiratory Treatments

Image of respiratory tools poster

Respiratory Tools

IMage for Asthma: questions to ask your doctor

Asthma: Working Together with your Healthcare Team

Image of getting the most out of your healthcare visit document

Getting The Most Out Of Your Healthcare Visits


Image of Asthma Statistics Chart

Asthma Statistics Overview

Image of COPD Stats

COPD Statistics Overview

Image of what is asthma page

Asthma Web Information

Image of asthma and COVID-19 graphic

Asthma & COVID-19

Image of September Asthma peak graphic

How to Avoid the September Asthma Peak

Photos of asthma post covid graphic

Asthma Care at School Post COVID-19 Outbreak

Image of Asthma Take Control graphic

Asthma: Take Action. Take Control.

Image of COPD webpage

COPD Web information


Image of a patients asthma pre visit checklist

A Patient’s Asthma Pre-Visit Checklist

Image of providers asthma pre-consultantion checklist

A Provider’s Asthma Pre-Consultation Checklist

Image of a asthma follow-up checklist

Asthma Focused Follow Up Visit for Defining Difficult to Control Asthma with SDM for Biologic Therapy

Image of essential steps to shared decision making

Essential Steps to Shared Decision Making

Webinar Videos

Webinar: Preparing for the Asthma Educator Certification Exam

Andrea Jensen, CHES (R), AE-C, walks us through the requirements for taking the NAECB Asthma Educator Certification exam.  Andrea covers guidance and will address practical study and test taking strategies.

Download presentation slides

Webinar: Recognizing and Addressing Disparities in Asthma

Dr. Michael Bowman will discuss the racial, ethnic and social disparities that are prevalent in our society and discuss how to reach all patients with asthma. This is aimed at clinicians and could serve as a good review for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and asthma educators.

Download presentation slides

Webinar: Building Your Mastery and Confidence in Caring for Asthma

Dr. Michael Bowman provides a comprehensive review of asthma for clinicians and educators.

This can be useful if you’re studying to be an Asthma Educator, but it is a true overview of asthma and not specifically “teaching to the test”.

Download presentation slides

Logo for Learning Pathways

Asthma, allergies, and related conditions impact your health and quality of life. We understand that managing your health is a priority but can often be confusing. We have developed the Learning Pathways video series with you in mind. The Learning Pathways Series is a series of short videos about asthma, COPD, allergies, anaphylaxis, COVID-19, AERD and nasal polyps management and treatment — and more! You will learn helpful tips for managing these medical conditions. We review medications and other treatment options. This series is designed to help you and your community manage health and understand choices for treatment.

See Learning Pathway Videos

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