Eczema Video Series

The Eczema Learning Pathways video series takes a closer look at eczema – what it is and how to live with it – so that you are empowered to manage it successfully.

Eczema is a chronic disease that causes inflammation of the skin. You can’t catch it or spread it to others. It’s important to be aware of how eczema appears in skin of all colors. It appears red on light skin and brown, purple or ashen gray on dark skin. It can be dry and crusty or wet and oozy.

Your team of healthcare professionals can partner with you on your eczema care. It’s important that you share treatment decisions along with your doctor. Nurses can provide strong support as well.

One of the videos looks at treating the whole person – this means ALL parts of your eczema care, including physical, social, cultural and mental health needs. You’ll also learn about new eczema medications. We provide a place of learning and support.

Tune in to our Eczema Learning Pathways series to learn about eczema and get medically accurate answers to YOUR questions

If there are any videos you’d like to see in our “Learning Pathways: Info in Minutes” series, please contact us at Allergy & Asthma Network.

Understanding Atopic Dermatitis in Skin of Color:

Role of the Nurse in Atopic Dermatitis:

Shared Decision Making in Atopic Dermatitis:

Diagnosing Atopic Dermatitis:

Eczema Medications for Skin of All Colors:

Treating and Managing Eczema in All Skin of Colors :

Treating the Whole Person with Atopic Dermatitis: