Photo of older woman with COPD PrincipleAs part of World COPD Day on Nov. 18, Allergy & Asthma Network is proud to share the first global COPD Patient Charter.

The Charter outlines six key principles of quality care that patients deserve. These principles are in line with current best practices from worldwide COPD guidelines. They can also help inform healthcare policy reform.

Download the COPD Patient Charter

COPD is now the third leading cause of death globally, affecting 384 million people worldwide. This disease costs global healthcare systems more than $100 billion per year. Of this cost, 60-70% is the result of severe flare-ups where patients experience a worsening of their COPD symptoms.

Even with global guidelines, there are inconsistencies in COPD treatment. This can have a harmful impact on people living with the disease. More than 70% of COPD patients experience at least one flare-up within three years of diagnosis. A single COPD flare-up can result in lung damage, reduce quality of life, and increase the risk of hospitalization.

Further, healthcare systems and providers may not be adequately prepared to deliver optimal COPD care. Policy reform is urgently needed to reduce both deaths and exacerbation rates.

The COPD Patient Charter was launched by Global Allergy and Airways Patient Platform (GAAPP), supported by a committee of global COPD experts and AstraZeneca. Allergy & Asthma Network is a member of GAAPP.