Graphic concept of stress when having Mast Cell Disease. Person with head having anxiety thoughts.

Our “Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Innovations” podcast series continues its focus on mast cell diseases. This episode, the fifth in the series, focuses on two hot topics in mast cell disease. Can low histamine diets help manage mast cell disease? And how does stress worsen mast cell disease symptoms?

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The podcast is a collaboration between Allergy & Asthma Network and The Itch Podcast. It is hosted by The Itch Podcast’s Kortney Kwong Hing and Payel Gupta, MD. In this latest episode, Kortney and Dr. Gupta are once again joined by allergist and immunologist Joshua Milner, MD.

Dr. Milner, Dr. Gupta and Kortney discuss whether low-histamine diets can make a difference in reducing mast cell disease. Low histamine diets are more appropriate for histamine intolerance. For mast cell disease, a low histamine diet will likely have little impact. It may help, though, if you are eliminating foods that trigger mast cell disease symptoms.

Dr. Milner, Dr. Gupta and Kortney also discuss the effect of stress on mast cells. Stress hormones can make it easier for mast cells to degranulate, which can cause or worsen symptoms. It is important to have stress control strategies in place if you have mast cell disease.

Learn more about the impact of low histamine diets and stress on mast cell disease in this new podcast episode.


  • 0:43 – Why go on a low histamine diet?
  • 1:39 – Histamine intolerance
  • 4:08 – Special diets for patients
  • 4:46 – What to consider when starting a low histamine diet
  • 5:36 – How well do low histamine diets work?
  • 6:05 – Should you talk to your doctor before starting a low histamine diet?
  • 6:56 – What are the best guidelines for a low histamine diet?
  • 8:17 – The impact of stress on mast cell disease
  • 9:28 – The type of stress that makes it easier for mast cells to degranulate
  • 10:12 – How stress impacts the gut
  • 11:10 – Stress management is integral in mast cell disease treatment
  • 12:52 – Mind-body connection in disease
  • 13:36 – Anxiety, depression, stress disorders and their impact on chronic disease

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