Asthma Care photo of woman doctor listening to a woman patients breathing

Historically marginalized racial/ethnic groups and economically disadvantaged communities continue to be disproportionately burdened by asthma. However, there are many ways to support equitable access to care and treatments within the context of the clinical encounter.

Watch this video to hear leading clinical experts discuss opportunities and practical strategies for providing inclusive asthma care within community-based settings. Participants will gain access to a new shared decision-making tool designed to encourage, engage, and empower patients to participate in decisions related to their asthma care.

Don’t miss this important conversation and opportunity to identify actions to promote health equity in your own practice

Listen in as renowned experts in asthma discuss:

  • Critical disparities in care, treatment, and outcomes among diverse asthma communities
  • Opportunities to improve asthma outcomes with individualized treatment plans based on the latest clinical evidence and unique needs and preferences of each patient
  • Practical strategies to close gaps in access to equitable care and treatment among diverse and disadvantaged patients with asthma


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Sample of data taken from the Asthma Equity Explorer database.

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Discover how current asthma prevalence on national, state and local levels can lead to disparities and affect social determinants of health.