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Video still of Covid and Egg Allergy webinar with photo of Dr. Jacqueline Eghrari-Sabet

Egg Allergy and Covid Vaccine

Jacqueline Eghrari-Sabet, MD discusses the concerns people with egg allergies have regarding the flu and Covid-19 vaccines.

Thumbnail photo of male doctor in mask talking to a tween child who is also wearing a mask.

COVID-19 Vaccine For Children: What Parents Need to Know

What are the risks and benefits of vaccinating children for Covid-19? Parents can find the latest information here for children with asthma and/or allergies.

Thumbnail photo of person in surgical glove holding a vial of Covid-19 vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine and Asthma: What You Need to Know

What should people with asthma and other respiratory diseases know about the COVID-19 vaccine? This article explains what you need to know.

Thumbnail photo of woman in mask and surgical gloves giving another woman in a mask a Covid-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts

COVID-19 can be a very serious illness. The vaccines have been shown to be highly effective in preventing the virus. Get the facts about Covid-19 vaccines in this article.

Video still of Ask the Allergist Video with background image of medical office.

Ask the Allergist: COVID-19 Vaccine and Anaphylaxis

JPurvi Parikh, MD discusses COVID-19 Vaccine and Anaphylaxis in this Q and A video.

Thumbnail photo of person in surgical gloves giving woman a Covid-19 vaccine in her arm.

COVID-19 Vaccine Reported Allergic Reactions

What is the current guidance for administering COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. for people with allergies? Get the most updated information here.

Video still of shared decision making for Covid-19 vaccine video

COVID-19 Vaccine: Sharing the Decision with your Doctor

Are you or your patients concerned about taking the COVID-19 vaccine? We offer some tools and tips for engaging in a meaningful discussion about the benefits and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Thumbnail photo of Black couple looking at their phone while leaning against a fence.

Tool Helps with Informed Decisions on COVID-19 Vaccine

Allergy & Asthma Network partnered with SDMCentralto develop a Shared Decision Making tool that is conveniently designed for a digital usage. It can be used in a clinic, home, or other gathering place.

Covid-19 Articles & Facts

Photo icon of person injecting themselves with an epipen

COVID-19 Vaccine Reported Allergic Reactions

Review the current guidance for COVID-19 vaccines to people with allergies. Learn who should and should not get the vaccine as well as contraindications and precautions. Find out about allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine and get a list of ingredients to each vaccine. This is a great resource for people with allergies who have questions about whether it is safe for them to get the vaccine. Updated March 3, 2021.

Photo icon of covid-19 vaccine bottles

COVID-19 Vaccine and Asthma: What You Need to Know

Learn about the COVID-19 vaccine and why people with asthma should get it. We also answer frequently asked questions about the vaccine, who is eligible, and what to do to protect yourself until you can get it.

Covid vaccine facts icon

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts: Learn about the three available COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are now becoming more available. Many people have questions and concerns about vaccine safety and effectiveness. We’ve compiled these COVID-19 vaccine resources especially for you and your family. We want you to have access to science-based resources. We also want you to use accurate information to make the right decisions for you and your family.
Photo icon of latex allergy

Latex Allergy and Vaccines

Get an overview of the safety of vaccines for people with latex allergy, including a brief update on COVID-19 vaccines. Learn guidance for administering vaccines in latex-allergic patients.

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Covid-19 Webinars

Man getting a Covid-19 test at a drive through testing center

COVID-19: Testing & Vaccine Update Webinar

In this Aug. 27, 2020 webinar, we sat down with Dr. Purvi Parikh and Tonya Winders to look at COVID-19 testing, treatment and the contact tracing process. We also looked at the status of the vaccine development and answered questions from attendees.

Image of a map with a graphic of corona virus over the map.

Vaccines, Social Guidance and Asthma: A Global Glance at COVID-19

In this Nov. 17, 2020 webinar, we sat down with Dr. Purvi Parikh and Tonya Winders to look at COVID-19 vaccine development. We also looked at COVID-19 in the U.S. and around the world and the importance of addressing it as a global issue. We discussed social distancing and when we are likely to return to some degree of normalcy.

Photo icon of lab worker pulling vaccine into syringe

COVID-19 Vaccine – Treatment, Trust and Health Inequities

In this Dec. 17, 2020 webinar, we sat down with Dr. Leroy Graham, Dr. Purvi Parikh and Tonya Winders to discuss COVID-19 vaccine development, distribution and challenges. We looked at the impact of COVID-19 and its impact on communities of color. We reviewed some challenges involving research and clinical trials and discussed ideas to improve health equity.

Photo image of woman with allergies

COVID Vaccine: Allergy, Anaphylaxis and Answers

In this Jan. 20, 2021 webinar, we sat down with Dr. Purvi Parikh, Dr. Jackie Eghrari-Sabet and Tonya Winders to answer your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and distribution. We examined guidance for people with allergies and reviewed cases of anaphylaxis attributed to the vaccine.

Photo icon of a covid-19 vaccine bottle and a syringe

Vaccines and Vaccine Hesitancy – How to Improve Asthma and Respiratory Outcomes

In this Jan. 26, 2021 webinar, we sat down with Dr. John M. Kelso to discuss vaccines and why some people are hesitant to vaccinate themselves and their children. Dr. Kelso shares why vaccines are important, especially for those living with respiratory conditions.

Black woman holding her hand up as if to say no.

Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in High-Risk Communities

In this March 17, 2021 webinar, we sat down with Dr. Purvi Parikh, Dr. Monica Webb Hooper and Allergy & Asthma Network President and CEO Tonya Winders to look at how the COVID-19 vaccine was developed. Presenters discussed the importance of everyone getting vaccinated. They highlighted the commitment to involving communities of color in clinical trials.

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What is the Black People Like Me Virtual Conference Series?

Black People Like Me is a series of six online events. It is a a conversation with the Black community to better understand and address:

  • the impact of asthma and COVID-19 on the Black community
  • how to involve Black patients and families more to improve their health
Photo icon of tech worker holding up Covid-19 vaccine bottle

Asthma, COVID-19 and Questions We Need Answered

Black People Like Me Session 1:  Dec. 15

In this first virtual session, we sat down with Dr. Leroy Graham, a panel of advisors, and a COVID-19 survivor to discuss asthma, COVID-19 and the health disparities facing Black people. We reviewed the status of COVID-19, learned tips from a survivor and answered questions from attendees. Dr. Graham encouraged people to learn about the COVID-19 vaccine and get vaccinated.

Photo icon of covid-19 researcher showing blood samples.

African Americans and Research: Making It Work for Folks Like Us

Black People Like Me Session 2: Jan. 14

In this second virtual session, Dr. Leroy Graham and Tonya Winders sat down with Dr. Elliot White and our patient partner, Mary White. We discussed asthma in Black Americans and how patients, families and caregivers can partner with researchers. We reviewed what patient-centered outcomes research is about and how it can help Black people living with asthma.

Photo icon of doctor giving man a Covid-19 vaccine

COVID-19 and Black Folk: Changing the Game, Changing the Outcome

Black People Like Me Session 3: Feb. 11

In this third virtual session, Dr. Leroy Graham, Dr. Purvi Parikh, Dr. Monica Webb Hooper and patient advocate Sandra Finley looked at COVID-19’s impact on Black people. We addressed how COVID-19 and asthma disparities are impacting the Black community. We discussed what we can do to build a strong foundation of trust in vaccines in the Black community.

Vaccine research importance icon

Asthma and COVID-19: Is Research Really that Important To Me?

Black People Like Me Session 4: Mar. 11

In this fourth session, Dr. Sharon Allison-Ottey, Courtney Clyatt, and patient advisory Mary White were the speakers. They shared information about vaccine hesitancy in the Black community. They also shared information about patient engagement in research and how Black patients can get involved.

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